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I studied film at Queen’s University, Canada and University of Glasgow. I graduated in 1994.

I got involved with digital media and the web early on. 

In the nineties I worked as a producer, sound editor, and writer for digital media projects at various creative agencies in Toronto. I worked with leading brands such as Levi’s, The Movie Network, and Hudson’s Bay, plus a range of educational multimedia titles.

I worked in educational publishing for 13 years, consulting on web and digital education products (Oxford University Press).

I launched and ran a children’s poetry magazine (called ‘The Scrumbler’) for 4 years. I have published my poetry for children in several well known anthologies.

In 2019 I hosted my first painting exhibition, in Oxford UK, as part of Artweeks.

I currently work with a leading educational technology software company, while developing my own creative projects. In my own creative work, there is a theme of storytelling and I am currently learning about and experimenting with comics.

I qualified as a personal performance coach in 2015 through The Coaching Academy, and I have been offering coaching services to creative people for the last few years. You can read some of my testimonials here and find out more about my coaching work.

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