Coaching for Creatives

Have you got unfinished creative work in your life? Would you value someone to work with who you can confide in, who you can trust, who can help you see things in a different way?

I am a certified personal performance coach and I specialize in working with creative individuals - whether it is agency creatives, independent creative entrpreneurs or craftspeople, or people just starting out on or returning to a creative pursuit. I work with writers, performers, visual artists, app developers - people from all creative disciplines.

I bring a lifetime of creative work and in-depth understanding of the creative process combined with decades of business and management experience.

Coaching is a special kind of relationship, and a special kind of conversation which is designed to help draw out unseen resources and new perspectives. I have found it a powerful tool in my own life and have seen the results in my clients lives. 

If you think you might be interested in exploring coaching, I invite you to book a free 30 minute creative vision conversation with me. I will craft a personalized coaching session just for you and we will work together to help you get clarity on your creative vision, and you can experience first-hand what coaching is like.


What We Work On

In a typical coaching engagement we will work on the following themes. I customize my coaching to the individual - these are just a general guide.


Craft a vision for your creative life and work that lights you up.


Know what to do from week to week, month to month to bring your vision into reality.


Look at the psychological barriers in your way and shift them; align with your values, removing unhelpful beliefs that are holding you back.


Mike has helped me shape a plan for what I wanted to achieve, but more importantly, I think, given me back some confidence and excitement about my creative practice. I have ‘opened up’ which is a good thing. I am also coming to terms with the idea that art is life, life is art and working to blend the two, creative practice and life (with all its ups and downs). This is an important thing for me to melt the resistance and tension that I recognise. Watch this space!

Mike’s work with me had an enormously positive effect on my ability to realize a music/storytelling performance that I had been working on with a colleague for three years.

Mike helped me to move through difficulties I had with focus, scheduling, and keeping the bigger picture in mind. He helped me to clarify my aims for the project: this has made it much easier to move to the performance stage with it, and also to edit the storytelling material.

Crucially, he also helped me to work on the difficulties I have in reconciling the work domain, and the family/domestic domain of my life, and to see how these two domains need not necessarily be separate and/or conflicting.

I couldn’t have asked for more astute, encouraging, and compassionate coaching.

Richard - Sculptor

Georgie - Storyteller and Performer


Mike is a fantastic coach. He is calm, objective, and is particularly good at asking the right questions. I was also impressed by his ability to understand what I was telling him and summarise it back to me in a clear and concise way. He also understands the power of silence and time for thought and reflection within these sessions.

The impact Mike’s coaching had for me was out of proportion to the single session I was able to make with him. Through focusing on what my priorities actually were, and how I might go about achieving the goals related to them, I started building an e-learning platform, which I am now, roughly a year after my session with Mike, seeking to fund, after signing an initial contract with a customer and getting a business partner. I am very appreciative of Mike’s time and the thoughtful advice which got the whole process started.

Kelly - Publishing

Matt - App Developer


Put your creative process under the microscope, looking at what works and what doesn’t so you can produce more and better work, and enjoy the process more.


Building the skills you need to turn your vision into reality, including productivity, creative and business skills, time management, and more.


What things in your life right now drain you of energy, and what things bring you energy?

Mike is a skilful coach who has challenged, prodded and encouraged me in developing my creative practice. He takes me out of my comfort zone but in a good way! In a 2hr coaching session, I traversed several months of thinking.

One of Mike’s strengths as a coach is to ask really good and sometimes surprising questions and to get me to take time between sessions to reflect on them. Using this process along with his encouragement about taking risks, I was able to finally take the leap and leave my job.  Mike was someone I could easily talk to. He really unblocked me and left me free to start many new projects. I am now working regularly as a travelling musician, with better income, more time off and enjoying what I do much more.

Phil - Designer and Craftsperson

Louisa - Musician and writer

Mike’s coaching helped me appreciate my inner resources in a way I hadn’t previously. Currently, I am helping to organise an arts festival that I foresee will grow and provide an income for me in the future. This is a complete manifestation of my goals and discussions with Mike. Thanks to him I feel much less anxious and more confident about my chosen path. I use some of the tools and his sayings regularly. So the work had a strong personal impact and the action I’ve taken. Organising a festival has a far reaching impact on my local community.

At the time the coaching began I was struggling with some self-esteem issues around the interview process relating to interviews and presenting myself in the best light. With Mike’s help, we identified some strategies to help me remember the things I wanted to say so that I could elaborate on them. It’s been over five years since my last interview so this was very helpful.

Equally, we looked at goals in my creative development as a writer and illustrator and set some time scales on some steps towards those goals as well.

Finally, we worked on some long-term goals that I could work towards after the sessions with the promise of further support should I wish or require it.

I do feel I made a lot of progress, I got the job, I finished some writing projects, looked into websites as a writer in schools and the cost therein and I will continue to build on this.

Danielle - Dancer and arts festival organizer

Sue - Children's author